For Computer Information Students

Get Started In IT Today

Are you a student that is studying Information Technology? Maine Tech Coop IT internship initiative allows you to gain real world experience working on technology projects for our clients. You will be working with a talented team of IT professionals that know what it takes to make it as an IT Professional. You will also get to learn more about the Maine Tech Coop and any job opportunities that we might have; while we get to learn more about you.

We are looking for students that are driven, detail oriented, and passionate about technology. You must be working towards a degree in computer information systems, cybersecurity, computer science, or any related business field.

Explore the IT Field

There a several different paths in the information technology field; like programming, systems management, cybersecurity. By doing an internship, you are given a chance to decide if IT is right for you.

Develop and Refine Skills

An internship gives you hands-on experience that you just can't get in the classroom. You will have a chance to take the knowledge you have learned in college and apply them to solve real business problems.

Network With Professionals

By working with the Maine Tech Coop you will be given a change to work business owners and IT professionals. The people that you meet could be your future coworkers or might even be a connection to a future job.