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IT Service Board makes it easier for you to make better use of your time, provide a better return if investment and deliver superior results by outsourcing to professionals.

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Why You Should Work With  IT Service Board

No matter the technical problems you are looking to solve your need the right IT Partner. You need a partner to that is close to your business, one that provides excellent support, and can help your company grow. We offer your business with cost-effective IT that won’t nickel and dime your business. The Maine Coop is a group of technology providers around the state of Maine, and we got you covered.

How IT Works


Search for a technology partner that will help solve your problems

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Choose and connect with partner that works for your business.

Start Your Project

Choose and connect with partner that works for your business.


Let other know what the business has helped your business.

Why Choose IT Service Board

At IT Service Board we want to make it easier for you’re to build a powerful network of business and professionals. Become a Partner Today!

Meet New Customers

We make it easy for your business to generate new business though building strong relationships and referrals

Grow Your Revenue

Online marketing, marketing automation, word of mouth and referrals is the best growth engine for business

Build Your Online Reputation

IT Service Board makes it easy for you to build an online reputation for potential customers and technology partners.

Build a Network of Partners

By getting involved with IT services Board’s community you will be able to develop and build relationships with business, marketing agencies, and it companies. Our directory makes it easier to build connections that lead to real business opportunities and referrals for your business. By partnering with IT Service Board we will help you build multi-channel sales strategies, though marketing automation and online referrals.

Are you an IT Service, or marketing company that needs a mentor or a successful entrepreneur that wants to give back to your community?

  • If Yes Then Lets Get Connected

At IT Service Board Networking is very important to us. Our Network is growing at a rapid place and you can connect:

  • Though Our Facebook Group
  • Community Forum
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  • Outsource Network

Participation is completely voluntary; use the site as much or as little as you want.

IT Service Board aims to raise awareness to help you to connect with resources:

  • Promote your offering to fellow entrepreneur, investors, and the community.
  • We aim to facilitate connections between you and local influencers and marketers.

We will support those requests that have the potential to best support and grow the IT Service Board community. We will be in touch with the email address that you supply once we have reviewed your request. Let us know how we can help.

One of IT Service Board goal is to connect startups, established business, students, and sponsors with the best services and resources that can accelerate your growth.

We are a group of business professionals and entrepreneurs, which aims to promote technology education, open source values, and skill sharing amongst our members and the community.

Our mission is to be a highly active group of individuals that teach, advocate, discuss, share, and demonstrate their experiences.